Caching is the Number 1 method to accelerate any WordPress site anyway, all current caching plugins have issues which influence visitor’s experience and site execution.


VIPER CACHE is the only WordPress plugin available that clears and reconstructs the cache on the page you are working at and the important related pages saving your bandwidth. Viper Cache is the easiest and the fastest cache WordPress plugin on the market with almost No server lag.

Problems with another Caching Plugins

There are thousands of caching WordPress plugins available in the market but we have to configure many settings to get results. The problem is to use that plugins, we don’t know even technical aspects of settings given in the plugin.

Current cache plugins are complicated

you need an extra skills to discover your way around cache settings these days – get only one setting incorrectly and your site breaks.

Free cache plugins are Frequently hacked

There’s been 33 enlisted problems in mainstream cache plugins over the most recent 3 years alone. People are left with a decision of one or the other gambling with their site security by utilizing free plugins or utilizing substandard failing to meet expectations paid plugins.

Current caching plugins hog your processor or memory

Through wasteful cache clearing and store pre-loading say you have a website with 100 pages and you make only 1 content change to any page, at that point with current cache plugin, each of the 100 stored pages will be erased and your site again has to rebuild cache on all pages. This process will hog your server, processor and memory. This issue worse the bigger your website.

Conflicts with many common themes and Plugins

Over designed cache plugins have an awful habit for playing god with numerous themes and plugins giving you blunders and white screens of death. The best paid cache plugin isn’t As Fast As Expected. The best paid item available was beaten by it’s free options. Autonomous tests completed by in October 2017 showed that Rocket Cache the Number one paid cache plugin was beaten by 2 free plugins available in the market. Presenting another plugin called Viper Cache.

How VIPER CACHE Improve Website Loading Speed

viper cache camparison

It makes your WP websites up to 10x faster in only 30 Seconds

With the cache that beats all competitors and speed up Your WP Sites before You get hit by the google speed slap. Also the cost on the off chance that you need to utilize the “best paid plugin” available it will interfere with you $199 + more for support and updates. So make certain to look at Viper Cache which is on @ 69% off this time and it accompanies agency licence as well.

Viper Cache was 77% faster than other plugins

This plugin will make Your WordPress sites Up To 10X FASTER in a single click. Built on super reliable cache technology, Compatible with 99% of WordPress themes and plugins. They made a easy cache plugin that is really simple to use and still gives unrivaled performance. Similarity, speed and your site dependability is their number one priority.

Very simple to use, you have to just enable

Viper Cache couldn’t care less about attempting to squeeze an extra 1% performance. If Viper Cache risk their client experience or if it implies they break plugins or theme – they have no expectations of playing god with other companies’ products. Viper Cache is worked for top performance however not at the expense of user experience.

Intelligent cache clearing and smart rebuilding

Viper Cache detects Minor Changes and auto rebuilds cache on popular pages. This plugin keeps eye on all site changes including new themes, plugins, widgets, designs, new posts/pages. Upon any significant change to your site, Viper Cache will auto clear and remake your cache.

In the event that the change is minor, for example, as little content change on any page, Viper Cache logic will detect this and modify the cache on that specific page and essential pages leaving the cache on different pages intact. Their brilliant logic bypasses WordPress standard preparing delays. This enormously decreases your server load, keeps your site quick and reduce the requirement for you to update your server plan.

It blocks thousands of bad bots and auto blocks hot-linking

If the primary role of cache is to speed your site up and reduce transfer speed at that point any feature that builds the site responsibility must be disposed of which is the reason they made Viper Cache light. They’ve likewise auto blocked hot-linking which is a common way for others to utilize your bandwidth.

What’s more, you have the choice to block unknown bots and site scrubbers – again there is no reason behind why these bad boats ought to be permitted to eat your resources and speed your site down. This obviously additionally assists with enduring DDOS attack as well.

Compatible with all themes and plugins

Compatible With All Best Page Builders + Multisite, Ecommerce and Cloudflare Compatible. Intended For Max Speed, Bandwidth Reduction and Ease of Use.

What can be done by VIPER CACHE

  1. Viper Cache depends on the most solid cache engine on earth. They’ve developed a more sensible cache that settle these issues. It doesn’t play god with your plugins and theme yet still achieves best scores.
  1. It’s idiotically easy to use with fewer settings than ALL other caching products available in the market.
  2. It’s based on a protected system which hugely lessens the potential for hacking.
  3. It has brilliant clearing and rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hoard your site’s server assets and slow it down.
  4. It’s built utilizing the quickest cache technology without compromise on site stability.
  5. Viper Cache additionally brings down you bandwidth by protecting your site from hot-linking, awful bots and known site scrubbers – which makes it’s first to market.
  1. It’s the quickest and it depends how you test and what factors you think about. They cover a great deal of this with a tutorial video on speed testing for consumers.


What is a Viper Cache

Viper Cache is a browser ready form of a page that loads much quicker as it doesn’t need to be ordered on each request so it saves your data transfer capacity, brings down processor load and brings down your hosting costs. Cache is generally accepted as probably the most ideal approaches to get quick loading pages in WordPress.

Will it compatible with my theme

Viper Cache will work with practically any plugin and theme. On the rare occasion you run into issues you can turn every one of the switches off and enable them individually until you discover the plugin that causes you the issue. it’s simple. Just switch it off and the issue is solved.

Has Viper Cache been well tested

This cache technology has been tried on 100’s of thousands of websites. They have enhanced this innovation to provide you with a super stable cache. They utilize viper cache themselves and are sure that you’ll get similarly incredible results.

How do I make my website even quicker

If your website is as yet not as quick as you hoped after utilizing Viper Cache you may require some optimization, you may have to eliminate some plugins. Take a look at your theme speed and compress your pictures. Their another plugin WP Optimizer Upgrade will assist you with these tasks.


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